A saturday morning – Work in progress

This is my upcoming work a saturday morning. Based on the Ticket Seller painting by Normal Rockwell. Much more to come!

Lost Highway short movie first take

First shot of my upcoming short movie called Lost Highway


a wip of my newest work…more coming soon

Once upon a time…

My first inspiration for creating this work came when I watched the movie No Country for Old Men, in 2007, although the film was set in Texas. But after traveling trough the lonely deserts of Arizona, and because I ever had a great passion for this kind of american west scenario, I felt that inspiration was more intense and so I created the image titled Once upon a time … Technically I built the 5000x2135px image with 3ds max and Vray for rendering. For post production / color correction I used Photoshop and Lightroom.

Special thanks again for the Vetor Zero crew!

I hope you like it and have a great day!

Monopod (WIP)

The monopod shown here is a 3d model I’m working on based on the concept from Doug Chiang. This work is currently stopped due to the lack of free time and I have other priority personal works. I promise to finish it in a closer future 🙂


This comes from a not too distant vault.

The vehicle as well as the whole environmet are CGI and designed by myself.